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Magnetic chrome pigment is also called 3D Flash Pigments,which is based on Synthetic Mica , except coated by regular metal oxide , but also coated by some special metal oxide, according to fine meachine to control the coating layer, for optical principles and metal properties, producing pearl luster ,also have dimensional effect.
Color Magnetic Pearl Pigment belongs to Special Effect Pigment, not only have fresh colors, flowing texture, strong metal sense, but also giving a strong visual effect, making your product vivid.
Product Details:
How to use 3D Pearl Pigment:
Step 1: Mixing LB 3D Magnetic powder into UV gel or Varnish, 6 colors for your choose.
Step 2: Use magnetic slice near the applied products Or under the product
Step 3: Apply into products, brush or coating evenly.
Step 4: Less distance and longer time, the effect of magic will be better.
Recommend amount for different applications:Paint Ink Cosmetic Plastic
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